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Discover the value of your connected packaging

Understand its potential.
Unlock its power.

With the right vision, business case and strategy, your Connected Packaging could be transforming your products into services.

Your Connected Packaging could help  you respond to marketplace trends, shape the way you engage with your audiences and influence how you grow your brands.

Powered by one of the most expansive Connected Packaging data-sets available, our talent and technologies can help you set-up, scale and automate your Connected Packaging programmes to deliver actionable insights that help drive preference, enhance repeat engagement, and grow brand authority.

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How we help brands



Our benchmarks and best practices, derived from data collected from more than 8 billion Connected Packs around the world, will help you correctly set-up and scale your activities. With real-world contextual data, you can run business value calculations to ensure your programmes are managed effectively and efficiently at scale. With a broader view of what can be achieved, it’s easier to see the potential in your own campaigns.

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Mi-View360™, our revolutionary Management Information System, will help you plan and predict the business value of your Connected Packaging campaigns based on real-time industry data. It will manage requests, ensure end-to-end governance and quality control and provide performance reports for all stakeholders. Mi-View360™ is an essential tool to enable scale, efficiency and automation, giving Brand Managers complete end-to-end control over their Connected Packaging performance.

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Our insights are derived from more than 8 billion Connected Packs around the world. These provide real-time consumer and operational information that enables us to identify behaviours and measure adoption rates, business value and programme efficiencies.

We use our insights and progressive thinking to bring new innovations to market.  Our award-winning Accessible QR codes, developed with our Unilever clients and Zappar are a recent example of how we challenge boundaries and define new technological frontiers. 

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Changing lives and communities

We’ve rolled out more than 8-billion Connected Packs, with over 160 high-profile household brands across categories including homecare, beauty and wellness, pharmaceutical, personal care, and food and beverage. We’ve seen the opportunities, overcome the barriers, unlocked the business value and watched our clients thrive.

We co-created the Accessible QR code with Zappar, impacting millions of blind and visually impaired communities and have won multiple awards along the way.

Our revolutionary Mi-View360™ provides an extensive data lake that powers our benchmarks, performance predictions and consumer insights whilst automating your Connected Packaging capabilities at scale. This powerful MIS can save you time, create efficiencies, and provide your brands with the real-time intelligence your business needs to grow.

What our clients have to say

  • Bailu Lu

    Digital & Media Lead, UK&I, Bayer

    CEC has been vital in assisting us with establishing and advancing our AQR program as part of our digital transformation goals within Bayer Consumer Health. They have provided valuable support in developing our business case, strategic objectives, and planning our path to scale this program within Bayer. Their approach combines practicality with creativity and innovation, helping us make our product accessible to everyone.

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  • Sarah Masters

    EU ecommerce unit lead, Unilever

    CEC are a people-first business, which has been refreshing. An extension of our team and culture, they have partnered with us to ensure we deliver on our ambition in full, and on time.  A dependable and knowledgeable group of people who understand the challenges we need to overcome, and support us in doing so. A real accelerator for our project.

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  • Jos Harrison

    Global Head of Brand Experience & Design, Reckitt

    The team at CEC have embedded themselves in to our business providing a cohesive strategy, processes and future facing initiatives to fit our business challenges and strategic objectives, creating a programme which has successfully scaled within our Hygiene business.

    They have been especially instrumental in advancing Reckitt’s accessibility drive - planning our route to scale Accessible QR codes that benefit both sighted and sight-impaired users alike. 

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  • Matt Daniels

    Artwork Innovation Manager, Unilever

    The CEC approach to Connected Packaging has transformed how we manage our product offerings and elevated our customer experience. They have deployed tools and tech for Accessibility and Inclusion that align with our vision and their Connected Packaging data insights and analytics have been invaluable. The team's professional support and commitment to quality assurance further solidifies our confidence in this partnership. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and staying ahead in the marketplace.

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  • Caspar Thykier

    Co-Founder & CEO at Zappar

    We’re living in an exciting time of seismic change for the packaging industry with the new age of connected packaging. The opportunity for brands is frankly enormous. But it’s only as big as your operational prowess, strategic clarity, quality in execution and understanding of the data. There aren’t many businesses who truly understand this space and have scalable real world experience in execution. In this regard I can’t think of any better business with the proven expertise, insight and systems in place that CEC have to guide companies to architect the right solution for the new age of connected packaging. Simply put, with CEC you’re setting yourself up for success.

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  • Mario Dughi

    Digital & Design Lead, Unilever

    The CEC team have immersed themselves into our daily ways of working, understood our goals and our challenges and have embedded a process which has successfully scaled within the Home Care business. They are true experts in their field and ensure our brands create memorable and measurable experiences we can track, learn and evolve from.

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What our clients have to say

Thoughts from our founders

We believe Connected Packaging, when deployed properly, can help you transform your products into services for a simpler and more sustainable future. 

It can uncover unique and untapped product usage insights, offering brands new ways to deploy sustainable innovations. It can make products more useful, more shoppable and more accessible, and can help brand owners generate more value in every product moment. Connected packaging, set-up correctly and holistically and embedded, end-to-end in your enterprise systems can unlock greater growth, sales and brand preference for those brand-owners recognising that their packaging provides a significant untapped opportunity for growth.


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